Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grand Bazaar and spice market

       The New Year brings many exciting adventures. As I look at the schedule for our time in Istanbul, I find so many amazing moments ahead of us. One experience that I am particularly looking forward to is our day at the Grand Bazaar and spice market. The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest covered spice markets in the world, and being able to stand amidst the many people as we all peruse the many trinkets, spices, and surprises of the shops will be a unique experience. The market is huge and covers an area of roughly 20 square miles that include over 3000 shops, 17 inns, 61 streets, 4 fountains, 10 wells, 2 mosques, 22 gates and several cafes and restaurants. A wonderful place to explore.
       Being immersed in the culture, sounds, smells and colors is something that will be a pleasantly overwhelming experience. Walking though the many streets and shops will allow me and my fellow classmates to get lost in the moment and really take in the experience of being fully part of another culture. Another new experience will be the process of haggling. Learning how to utilize the process and social custom of haggling will allow me to have a better grasp of the thought processes and ways of life in Istanbul. I am quite excited to study abroad in Turkey and am so glad to be going with such a great group! I cannot wait :)


  1. Jacquelyn, It sounds like you're really ready to soak in the experiences of Istanbul. It will be great to share this opportunity with you and the rest of the course.

  2. The spice market is amazing. Mike and I bought saffron last time we were there and I plan to try some new spices this time. Of course, I'm not particularly good at bargaining ... and you have to be on your best game at the Istanbul markets!

  3. Jacquelyn - You all are going to have the most amazing time - enjoy every moment. Your Uncle Jim and I started our honeymoon there - and thought it was a magical place. So glad you are going with such a good grouup. We will be thinking of you all and sending good thoughts!
    Love you - Aunt Betsy