Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eating in Turkey

I know that we asked you all to calculate what it might cost to eat while in Turkey, but here are some helpful articles on what you might want to eat if you're on a budget and different things you might want to try.  Remember that part of immersing yourself in the culture of Turkey and the experience of studying abroad is to try new things, especially food.  We will encourage you to avoid U.S. chains and restaurants to eat Turkish.  Also, remember, eating out in small groups (no more than 5) is highly, highly encouraged--you will have a better experience if you don't overwhelm a place.

Eating on a budget:

Eating on a budget:

Brief guide to some major Turkish foods:

A blog just on food in Istanbul (follow the "blog" link):

A 2010 article on food in Istanbul that qualifies as "food porn:"  The pictures are fantastic!

More "food porn" and some dining suggestions:

And, suggestions on tipping:

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