Friday, November 9, 2012

Turkish Economic Statistics

Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I had to do some research on Turkey's economy for my international relations class, so I thought I'd share some stats I found.

GDP PPP: $1.087 trillion (U.S. dollars)

            Revenues: $176.7 billion (U.S. dollars)
            Expenditures: $187.1 billion (U.S. dollars)

Current account balance (negative): -$77.16 billion

Exports: $143.5 billion (U.S. dollars)
            Primary partners:
                       Germany 10.3%, Iraq 6.2%, UK 6%, France 5%, Russia 4.4%

Imports: $232.9 billion (U.S. dollars)
            Primary partners:
                       Russia 9.9%, Germany 9.5%, China 9%, US 6.7%, Italy 5.6%, Iran 5.2%

External Debt: $306.6 billion (U.S. dollars)

Exchange Rates: 1.675 Turkish liras per US dollar

Inflation: 6.5%

Percentage of Population Below the Poverty Line: 16.9%

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  1. Thanks for posting this Olivia. It would be interesting to have comparisons to the U.S., especially a comparison regarding poverty. BTW, what is the "poverty line" in Turkey?